The commission estimate below is what I would charge if someone wished to have a portrait drawing in a similar size and quality.
3 Individual portraits of children. White and charcoal on colored paper.

A portrait painting demonstration given to my students at Georgetown University. This 60 minute demo shows my mixing process as well as each paint layer.

This is a 40 minute painting demo for Painting II at Georgetown University. The model sat for two 20 minute sessions. The purpose of this demo is to teachstudents how to paint with a grisaille method of under painting.

This is a sped up 45 minute black and white painting demo for Painting One at Georgetown University. It is a simple subject with the purpose of showing the principals of layering paint in order to create volume and light.

This painting is from a digitally manipulated and collaged picture of my son. The interesting part for me was that I asked my 4 year old son to compose the image. I asked him where to cut the face and where to crop and offset the image. It was a wonderful collaboration. If you swipe across the image you can see the various stages of completion.

  • 24" x 30"
  • Oil on Canvas


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Drawing Demonstrations
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Have you ever looked into the mirror and made faces? No? Me neither.
This is a still life drawing of shoes I have collected over the years.