• Face #2 by Scott Hutchison - Showing teeth - Oil on paper, Face #2 by Scott Hutchison - Showing teeth - Signed on the Back
  • Face by Scott Hutchison - Oil on paper of closeup face and Lips, Face by Scott Hutchison - Oil on paper of closeup face and Lips - Signed on the Back
  • This painting is inspired by my oil painted animations. These animations are separate images played in a sequence that create a movie.  With my latest work, the images are superimposed and collaged digitally. The sequence is effectively flattened and layered in one composition. I want the viewer to see multiple scenes or poses in one composition.
    Scott Hutchison's Circumference - Front View, Scott Hutchison's Circumference - Back View, Scott Hutchison's Circumference - Back Corner View, Scott Hutchison's Circumference - Corner View
  • This 12" x 12" oil painting on linen is in a sturdy custom made natural maple frame.  The individual poses used in this piece were chosen to evoke a thoughtful and contemplative scene. All the faces in the painting appear to be turning away from each other.  Almost "Slipping Away".
    Slipping Away - Front View, Slipping Away - Side View, Slipping Away - Back View
  • This contemporary portrait painting is on linen and floating in a maple frame.  I used three separate poses to create the painting you see here. I am more interested in creating a balance between the natural realism of the warmer face with the synthetic and unnatural colors of the colder blue transparent twin. Both faces are looking to the right, but they have very different reactions to what they are seeing, or perhaps one has fully grasped what she is looking at while the other illustrates the moment before realization.
    A Glimpse - Front View, A Glimpse - Side View, A Glimpse - Back View
  • Metamorphosis

    This circular ( "Tondo" ) composition is on aluminum (Dibond). The blue and green faces of the main figure appears in a contemplative pose. Behind her is a set of disembodied hands reaching toward the light and casting shadows on her form and the background. Scott Hutchison has designed this piece to fit into a round composition and the figure is meant to feel both conpressed and guided by its tight border. At the same time, the hands that gesture outward display a mood all their own. 

    Scott Hutchison's Metamorposis - Oil on Aluminum Thumbnail
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