• How I Stay Creative

    Scott Looking at his work on the wall

    Creativity ebbs and flows. Life brings with it times of plenty regarding creativity and can also be peppered with dry spells.  I don't always want to create something and it's a constant challenge finding ways to be creative. The major take away from the following list: Persevere, try to surround yourself with creative individuals and make it a central part of your daily routine.


  • Ultra Quick Shading Tip

    A 1.5 minute Quick Shading Tip Video

    A quick and simple thing to think about when you shade. It's all about edges. Not details or lines.


  • Poster Giveaway

    I ship posters in a tube from

    I periodically offer a FREE POSTER to a lucky winner. In 2017 I gave away 3 posters. One went to California, One to Brazil and another to Louisiana. Perhaps you will be the next winner?

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Scott Hutchison's Paintings, Drawings and Animations depict the figure in a sequence of events. His artwork portrays a complex and abstract world where time, the self and our perceptions are an illusion. Scott Hutchison lives near Washington DC and teaches painting and drawing at Georgetown University and The Art League His work has been widly exhibited throughout the United States. Keep up to date on exhibition announcements, educational videos and studio happenings here on this website and on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube.